Tax, Estate Planning and ERISA

The attorneys comprising our highly regarded Tax, Estate Planning & ERISA Group each have at least 30 years experience in their respective specialties. Most of the Group’s members hold advanced tax degrees and are ready to help you or your company with almost any domestic or foreign tax issue. Where corporate tax solutions involve integrating the personal concerns of the principals, the Group offers knowledgeable advice on estate, pension and individual tax planning strategies. The attorneys of the Group have a wealth of expertise, particularly in the following areas:

  • Tax Litigation – The Group, which includes a former Western Regional Counsel for the IRS, is one of the few in the nation that specializes in substantial issues of law or fact. The members of the Group have built a reputation with both the courts and the IRS that serves clients exceptionally well.
  • Estate Planning – The Group’s members have substantial experience in drafting wills, trusts, health care powers, general and restricted powers of attorney, and the various other legal instruments that are useful to assist a client in reaching his or her estate planning objectives.  In providing estate planning services, the Group effectively coordinates the disposition of various beneficial interests, including interests in closely held businesses, jointly owned assets, pension and IRA benefits and life insurance.
  • ERISA; Pension and Benefit Planning – The Group provides expert counsel on employee pension and benefit planning, particularly regarding ERISA. Members of the Group have practiced in this specialized area for 30 years, advising small and large corporations of their rights and duties under the statute, including working with start-up companies to integrate their retirement and business plans
  • Mergers, Acquisitions & Sales – The Group has broad experience with corporate sales, mergers and acquisitions, from complex transactions such as a reverse triangular merger to a simple Subpart F sale. The Group’s attorneys regularly advise other counsel and accountants on strategies for maximizing the tax benefits of their client’s deal.
  • Real Estate; Section 1031 – The Group is well versed in the rules relating to the ownership and sale of real estate assets and its attorneys have represented real estate partnerships, LLCs and individuals for over 30 years. The Group has particular expertise with Section 1031 of the tax code, which allows for compounding real estate equity in order to avoid unnecessary capital gains taxes.